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Voice of Coimbatore

Message from Past CII Chairman

Organ Donation gives a new lease of life. The true success of this initiative is in identifying favorable donors. It is in this aspect Gift An Organ gains importance as it provides a new lease of life to several people.

Dr K V Srinivasan
Past Chairman – CII Coimbatore Zone
Director, Premier Evolvics P Ltd

Message from CII Healthcare Panel

Organ transplantation is one of the marvels of modern medicine. It heralded the opening of new avenues of patient care. Whatever be the organ transplanted, be it the eyes, skin or solid organs like the liver or kidneys they significantly improved the quality of life and in many instances was lifesaving. In developing countries there is always a gap between the need – availability and utilization. It is because of the lack of awareness of the possibility, and in some due to the myths and fears surrounding the process. As far as organ donation is concerned both the issues play a part.

The healthcare panel of CII, Coimbatore chapter found it as a good project to take to increase the awareness and clear the myths surrounding organ donation. Secondly, there is good talent pool in the Hospitals of Coimbatore which will raise to the occasion to meet up the challenge. All the 12 major hospitals in Coimbatore who are in some way or other involved in organ donation have joined hands. We feel that will ensure credibility and success of the programme.

We are happy that the Young Indians have joined this initiative. Their enthusiasm and commitment is infective.

If we are able to increase the quality of life of even one person, we feel all our efforts have been worthwhile.

Dr S Raja Sabapathy
Past Convenor – Healthcare Panel, CII
Director, Ganga Hospital
Dr Madhavi Gopinath
Past Co-Convenor, Healthcare Panel, CII
Director - Quality, GKNM Hospital

Message from Project Chairman

To make organ donation a reality, the awareness and the participation of the people are the key. Way back in 1985 when we promoted eye donation at Sankara Eye Hospital there were lot of myths and misconceptions, which we had to get over. Sustained awareness programmes over the years have paved the way for eye donation which has become a mass movement.

Now we are coming out with awareness initiatives to make organ donation a similar reality. I am sure the people of Coimbatore will whole heartedly come forward to accept the concept of organ donation to save thousands of lives.

Dr R V Ramani
Project Chairman, GIFT AN ORGAN – Organ Donation Initiative
Founder, Sankara Eye Care Institutions India

Message from Young Indians, Coimbatore

Get on board and give someone the ultimate gift after you have left this earth – the gift of life....the gift of life is the most amazing gift anybody can give.

Ms Swathy Rohit
Past Chair – Yi Coimbatore Chapter
Managing Director, Swathy Processors Ltd

Gift an organ. All it now takes is a signature and a click. Go ahead, donate and help save lives!!!!!.

Dr Aishwarya Arjun
National Chair – GAO Vertical, Young Indians

Message from Organizing Committee, Gift An Organ

The longstanding problem with organ donation is the divide between people's overwhelmingly positive attitudes toward it and their actual participation.

As a Liver Transplant surgeon myself I see patients dying every day for want of organs, that includes children too. There are more patients dying on a waitlist than being transplanted. This is because the discrepancy between the demand and supply of organs.

The aim of this campaign is not only to create awareness but also to clear all the misconceptions.

If you needed an organ transplant, would you have one? If so, please help others. Pledge today. Support Organ Donation.

Dr S Vivekanandan
Member – Organizing Committee, Gift An Organ
Head – KMCH Liver Institute, Kovai Medical Center & Hospital

Message from Dr J G Shanmuganathan, Chairman, Ganga Hospital

Dr J G Shanmuganathan
Chairman, Ganga Hospital

Message from Dr B K Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Co-Chairman, Kumaraguru College of Technology

"Organ Donation, as a concept is catching up slowly in our Country. As Medical Science advances, modern health care is able to give a new lease of life to some of the patients with diseases, which did not have any hope in the past. These procedures, namely the organ transplantation can become successful only with the community participation.

"Awareness is the key". The myths and misconceptions have to be removed from the minds of the common public.

Once they realise that the organs of an individual who has gone to a stage of no return – brain death – can in turn give a fresh lease of life to quite a few recipients, I am sure many more families will come forward. I appreciate the efforts taken by CII, Yi and the leading Hospitals of Coimbatore in creating an awareness on Organ Donation and I wish that the message reaches the common man."

Dr B K Krishnaraj Vanavarayar
Co-Chairman, Kumaraguru College of Technology

Message from Ms Vanitha Mohan, Managing Trustee, Siruthuli

Organ donation is not giving up a part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive - it's a total stranger giving up almost all of himself to keep a part of you alive! Live on through your gift of life!

Ms Vanitha Mohan
Managing Trustee, Siruthuli

Message from Dr R Nandini, Founder Trustee, GRG Institutions

"Leave your legacy behind!
Register for Organ Donation !"

Dr R Nandini
Founder Trustee, GRG Institutions

Message from Ms Anusha R, CEO, Park Group of Institutions

"Donate your organs and outlive the rest"

Ms Anusha R
CEO, Park Group of Institutions

List of Hospitals

  • Aravind Eye Hospital

  • Coimbatore Kidney Care & Research P Ltd

  • Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals Pvt. Ltd

  • GEM Hospital

  • G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital

  • KG Hospital

  • Kovai Medical Center and Hospital

  • PSG Hospitals

  • Sankara Eye Care Institutions India

  • SPT Hospitals

  • Sree Abirami Hospital (P) Ltd

  • Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

and Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu - TRANSTAN